The view from the Shard


If you have been at least one time in London, of course you have
noticed the Shard before left the city.
The highest building of the capital, the Shard is placed two minutes
from London Bridge Station.
It has been built by the italian architect Renzo Piano in March 2009
and it was topped out on 30 march 2012.
Me and Cristina have been there this week. Normally you can book
your tickets online at this link, choose the day and hours you would
like to have your visit. The price is about £ 24,90 each person.
You can enter the Shard when you want between 9am and 10pm
and you can stay as long as you like.
Once you have got your tickets, check the time you will must be there
to enjoy the view.
Been like an airport, the entrance is really controlled by security guards
who ask you to scan your items before going up.
It is not allowed bring food and big bags during your trip.
After that, you will be accompained inside the lift which will bring you up
until rich the top of the structure at about 310 meters higher.
From that point you can see the beautiful capital thanks to the 360° view.
The roof is in part open and you can have a look at the ciel.
More information about the city and buildings?
No problem, it is possible to figure out all of these by the binoculars
placed near the glasses. You can scan every single structure with them
and you will recive all the information and stories about everything.
We are going to give that place a really good rewiev even thaught the
price is not very cheap.
Enjoy your visit.


Interesting things:
- The lift is fast and you can feel pain in your stomach while going up or down.
- The best moment to visit the Shard in on summer and from 20:30 pm until closing.

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